Unique Rockabilly Dresses Online Boutique

Rockabilly emerged in the early 1950s as one of the earliest forms of rock and roll music. Fusing itself with hillbilly music it found its name. What we now refer to as rockabilly music has also been influenced by swing and blues music. So what exactly is a rockabilly dress? Well, music has always strongly influenced fashion, and this was true of the 1950s and 60s too. The rockabilly dress is 1950s in style and shape, with a full swing skirt and crinolines, nipped in or belted in at the waist to accentuate the feminine shape. The dress was then often worn with bright red lips, a ponytail, flat or low-heeled shoes, bright accessories and bold prints. If you want to shop the rockabilly look and find a fabulous new dress with this style in mind then you’ve come to the right online shop.

At the UK Evening Wear boutique you will find a unique selection of rockabilly dresses. All are available at competitive online prices, and we have an excellent range to choose from. You don’t need a party with a rockabilly theme to get away with wearing one of these dresses. These dresses are fun and versatile, and can be worn at any occasion.